Lightbend Telemetry

Lightbend Telemetry, part of Lightbend Monitoring, is a suite of insight tools that provides a view into the workings of our distributed platforms. This view allows developers and operations to respond quickly to problems, track down unexpected behavior and even tune your system. As a result, you can deploy your applications to production with confidence.

What is Lightbend Telemetry? A picture says more than 1000 words, so let’s begin with an architecture overview of Lightbend Monitoring and its pieces:

As you can see above Lightbend Monitoring has two essential pieces; Telemetry (Cinnamon) and OpsClarity. This documentation is focused solely on the former. Telemetry makes it is possible to gather metric, event and trace information from Akka, Scala, and Lagom based applications. The information is transferred to various backends. The rest of this documentation provides an overview of Telemetry, how to get started, configure and run Telemetry in production.

Telemetry requires a subscription from Lightbend but is free to use during the development phase.