The Main class

The Main class in Hello World creates and controls the actors. Notice the use of an ActorSystem as a container and the actorOf method to create the Actors. Finally, the class creates the messages to send to the Actors.

object AkkaQuickstart extends App {
  import Greeter._

  // Create the 'helloAkka' actor system
  val system: ActorSystem = ActorSystem("helloAkka")

  try {
    // Create the printer actor
    val printer: ActorRef = system.actorOf(Printer.props, "printerActor")

    // Create the 'greeter' actors
    val howdyGreeter: ActorRef =
      system.actorOf(Greeter.props("Howdy", printer), "howdyGreeter")
    val helloGreeter: ActorRef =
      system.actorOf(Greeter.props("Hello", printer), "helloGreeter")
    val goodDayGreeter: ActorRef =
      system.actorOf(Greeter.props("Good day", printer), "goodDayGreeter")

    howdyGreeter ! WhoToGreet("Akka")
    howdyGreeter ! Greet

    howdyGreeter ! WhoToGreet("Lightbend")
    howdyGreeter ! Greet

    helloGreeter ! WhoToGreet("Scala")
    helloGreeter ! Greet

    goodDayGreeter ! WhoToGreet("Play")
    goodDayGreeter ! Greet

    println(">>> Press ENTER to exit <<<")
  } finally {

Similarly, let’s look again at the full source code that defines the Actors and the Messages they accept.