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Play framework is a high velocity, modern, scalable and fun way to create web applications, developed and maintained by Lightbend. Play supports both Java and Scala.

To get started with Play, follow Making a REST API with Play guide.

Scala is a modern, concise and typesafe language that mixes functional and object oriented programming, created by Martin Odersky, and developed and maintained by Lightbend Scala team in conjunction with LAMP EPFL and Scala Center.
Akka is a toolkit for building reactive applications based on the actor model, created by Jonas Bonér, and developed and maintained by Lightbend. Akka supports both Java and Scala.
Lagom is an opinionated microservices framework for moving away from the monolith, developed and maintained by Lightbend. Lagom supports both Java and Scala.

What is your biggest problem …

Pressure to release new features more often and faster?

Breaking down a monolith into microservices can decouple development teams and support less risky and more frequent releases.

Modernizing your systems without throwing away existing JVM skills and libraries?

The complete Lightbend stack runs on the JVM, supporting both Java and Scala.

Scaling up to handle peaks, and down to conserve costly resources?

Our Lightbend stack is designed not just to scale up at peak load, but also to scale down afterwards. See how Zalando is handling 100x traffic spikes using Reactive Platform.

Better utilization of your existing hardware infrastructure?

On existing infrastructure, systems using the Lightbend stack can handle a greater load more efficiently.

  • At Reactive Summit 2017, a presenter from a large cell phone provider said that the Lightbend stack requires 1/8 of the infrastructure compared to their previous solution.
  • PayPal using Akka Streams gained 10x performance increase over their previous solution.
  • Walmart Canada moved 40% of total compute cycles off of expensive dedicated hardware needed for Oracle ATG and onto internal virtual infrastructure running cheap commodity x86 servers, saving 20% to 50% in infrastructure cost.

Just get more stuff done in a day?

During development, redeploys can eat up your day. Play and Lagom provide hot reloading. One Lightbend customer believes this makes their developers 20-40% more productive than when they were using WebLogic.

Ready to move to the cloud?

The Lightbend stack is cloud-proven on Kubernetes, AWS, and Mesosphere DC/OS by companies with extreme requirements, such as Twitter, Zalando, and major banks. Try our guides for deploying on different platforms to get a hands-on experience.