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Pressure to release new features more often and faster

Lightbend customers have found that migrating from monolith to microservices decouples development teams and results in less risky and more frequent releases.

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Getting more done in a day or modernizing your systems without throwing away existing JVM skills and libraries

The Lightbend stack accelerates development, provides both Java and Scala APIs, and runs on the JVM.

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Scaling to handle peaks without wasting costly resources during normal traffic

The Lightbend stack makes it easy to not only scale out, but also to scale in afterwards.

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Moving to the cloud

The Lightbend stack is cloud-proven on Kubernetes, AWS, and Mesosphere DC/OS by companies with extreme requirements, such as Twitter, Zalando, and major banks.

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Better utilization of existing infrastructure

Given the same infrastructure, systems using the Lightbend stack handle larger loads more efficiently.

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