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Take Advantage of the Cloud

The need for a modern approach

Is your organization considering a move to the cloud? Or maybe you’ve already migrated some or all of your apps? Those with experience have learned that achieving the full promise of the cloud is not automatic. Traditional applications cannot fully exploit cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

A wide variety of cloud native products can help you gain incremental benefits. But only an architecture fully designed for a distributed environment can deliver significant cost reduction, self-healing resilience, and elasticity to deal with extreme spikes—along with increased developer productivity.

How Lightbend can help

Akka, the open source project underlying Lightbend’s stack, was created for distributed systems. Its modules provide all of the building blocks necessary for parallel processing, clustering, and streaming. Akka components are very lightweight to efficiently use cloud resources.

With Akka—or the frameworks built on it, Play and Lagom—it is possible to build reactive self-healing systems that easily scale to handle even the most extreme usage spikes. Lightbend technology enables these benefits for new development, modified applications, and new services that interact with legacy systems.

Hard to believe? See how:

  • By adopting Akka and Play, Hootsuite reduced the number of servers by 80%, resulting in major savings on its AWS bill and lowering IT operation complexity. They were able to handle more requests per second and to scale with ease.
  • Gilt Groupe used Akka and Play to successfully support their flash sale business requirements and handle extreme spikes.
  • eero innovated a cloud-based backend with Akka that provides an always available service to its customers.

Learn more

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