Akka gRPC

gRPC is a transport mechanism for request/response and (non-persistent) streaming use cases. Use it for:

  • connections between internal services
  • connecting to external services that expose a gRPC API (even ones written in other languages)
  • serving data to web or mobile front-ends

This library provides support for building streaming gRPC servers and clients on top of Akka Streams.

General overview

gRPC is a schema-first RPC framework, where your protocol is declared in a protobuf definition, and requests and responses will be streamed over an HTTP/2 connection.

Based on a protobuf service definition, akka-grpc can generate:

  • Model classes (using plain protoc for Java or scalapb for Scala)
  • The API traitinterface, expressed in Akka Streams Sources
  • On the server side, code to create an Akka HTTP route based on your implementation of the API
  • On the client side, a client for the API.


  • Where REST is more flexible about encoding, gRPC standardizes on Protobuf.
  • Where REST can be either schemaless or use a 3rd-party schema, gRPC always declares the service and messages in a Protobuf schema definition.


  • Where SOAP is more flexible about transport, gRPC standardizes on HTTP/2.
  • Where in SOAP protocols are often set in stone once defined (often requiring a new path for every version of the service), Protobuf is explicitly intended to support schema evolution.

gRPC vs Message Bus

  • While built on an efficient non-blocking implementation, gRPC is still ‘synchonous’ in the sense that it requires both ‘sides’ of the communication to be available at the same time. When using a (persistent) message bus only the producer and the bus must be up, the consumer does not need to be available, leading to a higher degree of decoupling.
  • While gRPC supports bidirectional streaming for each request, when using a message bus the streams are decoupled

Project Status

This library is in preview mode: basic functionality is in place, but API’s and build system plugins are still expected to be improved.

The API on both sides (Client and Server) is a simple Akka Streams-based one. We plan to also provide a ‘power user’ API for each of these (#191, #179).

The client side is currently implemented on top of io.grpc:grpc-netty-shaded, we plan to replace this by io.grpc:grpc-core and Akka HTTP.

As for performance, we are currently relying on the JVM TLS implementation, which is sufficient for many use cases, but is planned to be replaced with conscrypt or netty-tcnative.

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