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Akka Serverless enables you to build stateful APIs that require low latency and high throughput, without requiring you to do any database setup or maintenance. Build the APIs locally using your language of choice (although we only support JavaScript and Java in production today), package them into a container, and deploy on our managed cloud platform. We created Akka Serverless to make it simple for you to build stateful APIs and microservices.

Akka Serverless includes the functionality critical for a resilient production platform: Unified and scalable logging, monitoring, auto-scaling, network partition and failure management, and easy administration.


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Database-less focused development

Implementing routine database logic—​defining and deploying schemas, establishing connections, and ensuring proper security—​consumes a lot of time and effort. Serverless frameworks optimized for stateless execution can make this even more painful when compared with traditional deployment models. But, stateless frameworks also bring elevated risk of inconsistent scaling profiles, uncontrolled costs, and increased architectural technical debt.

Akka Serverless solves these challenges with an architecture focused on co-located state and code, coupled with transparent state management. As a developer, your business logic has immediate access to distributed state, without making explicit database calls to fetch or to save.

Simplified programming model

Akka Serverless provides a straightforward progamming model. There are three steps required to build a stateful service:

  1. Define your API: domain model, i.e. what data will be managed, and the paths and operations, e.g. POST /someresource and GET /someother.

  2. Choose what state model you want to use; this gives you control over data consistency, contention and performance.

  3. Implement the business logic in whatever language you want (JavaScript and/or Java for production APIs).

Serverless runtime

Akka Serverless provides a managed, cloud-based production environment for deploying stateful services. It leverages the power of Akka, which runs some of the biggest cloud workloads out there today, to ensure that scaling meets performance and latency SLAs. You can deploy your services using a CLI or browser-based Console, both of which support modern toolchains. After deployment, you get immediate access to logs and metrics. By completely handling operations for you while ensuring responsiveness and scalability, Akka Serverless delivers continuous value.

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