akkasls services delete

Delete a service.


The akkasls services delete service-name command deletes a service and removes all associated resources. You may optionally delete associated routes with the --delete-routes flag.

akkasls services delete SERVICE [flags]


akkasls services delete my-service


      --delete-routes    delete associated routes that map ONLY to this service.
  -h, --help             help for delete
      --owner string     the owner of the project to use, needed if you have two projects with the same name from different owners
      --project string   project to use if not using the default configured project

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string      location of config file (default "~/.akkaserverless/config.yaml")
      --context string     configuration context to use
  -o, --output string      set output format to one of [text,json,gotemplate=] (default "text")
  -q, --quiet              set quiet output (helpful when used as part of a script)
      --timeout duration   client command timeout (default 10s)
  -v, --verbose            set verbose output