Viewing Logs

Akka Serverless provides logs that you can view in the Console or access with the CLI. For each service instance we aggregate a maximum of 1MB of log data. You can capture all log output by attaching a logging provider such as Stackdriver as described in Third Party Logging Provider.

Aggregated logs

To view aggregated logs:

  1. From the project Dashboard, select a deployed service.

  2. From the service Overview page, select Logs from the top tab or from the left navigation menu. The Logs table displays logging output, which you can filter with the control on top.


With a command window set to your project, use the akkasls service logs command to view the logs for a running service:

akkasls service logs <<service-name>>

Third Party Logging Provider

Currently we only support Google Stackdriver as a third party logging provider. See how to configure Stackdriver to receive Akka Serverless logs.