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How is data at rest secured?

Akka Serverless is built upon Google Cloud and leverages its features to keep your data secure.

All data stored by Akka Serverless is encrypted at rest; this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Service state.

  • Information about projects, services, and users.

  • Deployment configuration such as environment variables and docker credentials.

Encryption is done using AES256, with a FIPS 140-2 validated[1] module of the cryptographic library 'Tink'.

A more detailed overview of encryption and key management in Google Cloud products used by Akka Serverless can be found here:

How can I enable auto-completion for my shell?

The akkasls CLI command completion can generate an auto-completion script for:

  • Fish

  • Bash

  • Zsh

  • Powershell

The CLI will detect the currently configured default shell and set that as the default parameter for the --shell flag.

To use this output, you have to redirect it to a file that later can be called in your shell’s resource file upon the start of the shell or called interactively when needed.

This, for example, generates an auto-completion script for bash and runs the script interactively:

  source <(akkasls completion --shell bash)

Or if you want to generate an auto-completion file that can be called from a shell startup script:

  akkasls completion --shell bash >

For more details on setting up your shell with an auto-completion file on startup, see the shell documentation.