Interface EntityOptions

    • Method Detail

      • passivationStrategy

        PassivationStrategy passivationStrategy()
        the passivation strategy for an entity
      • withPassivationStrategy

        EntityOptions withPassivationStrategy​(PassivationStrategy strategy)
        Create an entity option with the given passivation strategy.
        strategy - to be used
        the entity option
      • forwardHeaders

        java.util.Set<String> forwardHeaders()
        Specified by:
        forwardHeaders in interface com.akkaserverless.javasdk.impl.ComponentOptions
        the headers requested to be forwarded as metadata (cannot be mutated, use withForwardHeaders)
      • withForwardHeaders

        com.akkaserverless.javasdk.impl.ComponentOptions withForwardHeaders​(java.util.Set<String> headers)
        Ask Akka Serverless to forward these headers from the incoming request as metadata headers for the incoming commands. By default no headers except "X-Server-Timing" are forwarded.
        Specified by:
        withForwardHeaders in interface com.akkaserverless.javasdk.impl.ComponentOptions