Interface ReplicatedDataFactory

  • public interface ReplicatedDataFactory
    Factory for creating Replicated Data objects.

    This is used both by Replicated Entity contexts that allow creating Replicated Data objects, as well as by Replicated Data objects that allow nesting other Replicated Data.

    Replicated Data objects may only be created by a supplied Replicated Data factory. Replicated Data objects created any other way will not be known by the library and so won't have their deltas synced to and from the proxy.

    • Method Detail

      • newReplicatedCounterMap

        <K> ReplicatedCounterMap<K> newReplicatedCounterMap()
        Create a new map of counters.
      • newReplicatedSet

        <T> ReplicatedSet<T> newReplicatedSet()
        Create a new ReplicatedSet.
      • newReplicatedMultiMap

        <K,​V> ReplicatedMultiMap<K,​V> newReplicatedMultiMap()
        Create a new multimap (map of sets).
      • newRegister

        <T> ReplicatedRegister<T> newRegister​(T value)
        Create a new ReplicatedRegister.
      • newReplicatedRegisterMap

        <K,​V> ReplicatedRegisterMap<K,​V> newReplicatedRegisterMap()
        Create a new map of registers.