akkasls completion

Generates shell completion scripts


The command generates completion scripts for fish, bash, zsh, and Powershell.

If you are running on Linux or macOS, the command autodetects your default shell. On Windows, or if you want to generate a completion file for a different shell, you have to provide the flag with the shell type explicitly.

For more help with configuring the completion script, please see the FAQ section of the documentation.

akkasls completion [flags]


  -h, --help           help for completion
      --shell string   The shell type for which to generate an auto-completion file. Valid options are 'bash', 'zsh', 'fish' or 'powershell'. (default "bash")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string      location of config file (default "~/.akkaserverless/config.yaml")
      --context string     configuration context to use
  -o, --output string      set output format to one of [text,json,gotemplate=] (default "text")
  -q, --quiet              set quiet output (helpful when used as part of a script)
      --timeout duration   client command timeout (default 10s)
  -v, --verbose            set verbose output


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