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Language support SDKs

Because Akka Serverless has been designed to support polyglot development, language SDKs are in various stages of development. SDKs fall into three categories:

  • Lightbend supported SDKs are built and maintained by Lightbend—​you can create a support request and we will fix within your contract’s service level agreements. At publication, this includes Java and JavaScript SDKs.

  • Community supported SDKs are built against our open protocol. If you have issues using one of these SDKs, we’ll help you troubleshoot. If the OSS SDK is the source of the issue, you will need to get help from the community.

  • Lightbend Validated SDKs are built by a third-party. Lightbend validates that the SDK follows all the specs and works as expected. For support, you need to rely on the third-party creator.