Shopping cart tutorial - JavaScript

Akka Serverless provides an execution environment that includes data management. Your stateful services will avoid the need to fetch data for every new request your application needs to handle. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to build and deploy a stateful serverless application with Node.js.

Before you begin

  1. Make sure that you have Node.js 12 or later installed on your machine. If you need help installing Node.js, you can check this new tab page.

  2. You need to package your services in a container, this tutorial uses the Docker command line to do so.

  3. You’ll need an account for a container registry to publish the container so that Akka Serverless can download it.

  4. To deploy to Akka Serverless, you’ll need to have an account, and the Akka Serverless CLI installed

The tutorial includes the following high-level steps:

The complete code of the this tutorial is available on GitHub new tab