Shopping cart tutorial - JavaScript

Complete this short tutorial to create, test, and deploy an Akka Serverless service.

This tutorial highlights the Event Sourced entity. Akka Serverless services do not require a data management layer. The Event Sourced entity captures the changes to data as events that Akka Serverless persists in a Journal.

To learn more about Event Sourced entities and the Akka Serverless state model, see Choosing a state model.

Before you begin

The following prerequisites are required to complete this tutorial successfully:

Building the project

The development process for this tutorial is:

  1. Create and configure the project

    Use npm in the terminal to initialize the shopping cart project and configure the dependencies.

  2. Create proto files

    Create the internal and external .protbuf interfaces for the shoppingcart service.

  3. Implement the shopping cart

    Create the JavaScript implementation of the shoppingcart service.

  4. Unit testing

    Use the mocha framework and the chai test assertion library for unit testing.

  5. Package and deploy

    Run the service locally and deploy to AkkaServerless.

The the akkasererless-ecommerce-javascript GitHub repository new tab includes the shopping cart service you will create by following this tutorial.