We have partnered with Datadog to provide a plugin for Lightbend Telemetry for Akka with Datadog.

Cinnamon dependency

We provide an easy-to-get-started plugin that contains all settings required for pushing Lightbend related metrics to Datadog. This plugin is called cinnamonDatadog and you add it like this:

compile group: 'com.lightbend.cinnamon', name: 'cinnamon-datadog_2.11', version: '2.5.3'

The Cinnamon Datadog plugin contains a couple of default values that can be overridden should you want to change the default behavior.


There is nothing to configure if you want to use the default Datadog settings that will communicate with localhost on port 8125.

cinnamon.datadog {
  statsd {
    host = ""
    port = 8888
    frequency = 60s

  report {
    histogram = ["min", "max", "p98", "p99", "p999"]
cinnamon.datadog {
  statsd {
    host = ""
    port = 8125
    frequency = 10s

  report {
    # Histogram fields to report for metrics
    histogram = ["max", "p99"]

    # Meter fields to report for metrics
    meter = ["min1_rate"]

  # Datadog specific configuration
  suffix = ""

Note: These settings are defined in the reference.conf. You only need to specify any of these settings when you want to override the defaults.

Should you, instead of using this Datadog plugin, prefer to control every aspect of the way data is reported to Datadog you can do so by using the StatsD reporter and configure the DogStatsD section. If you decide to use the StatsD plugin you should be aware that the setting cinnamon.chmetrics.statsd-reporter.dogstatsd.prefix must be set to lightbend in order to use the free tier in Datadog.

Datadog dependency

For information about how to get started with Datadog we refer to their excellent getting started instructions. Go to their website, create an account and follow the instructions for your particular environment.