Install Cloudflow and Akka Data Pipelines

To get started developing with Cloudflow, you need to set up a local development environment by downloading the command line interface (CLI). Cloudflow also provides an sbt plugin that creates a local sandbox to test your applications.

To deploy a Cloudflow application, you need to install Cloudflow components on a Kubernetes cluster. Cloudflow components include Cloudflow libraries, Kafka, and the streaming engine required by your streamlets, Spark or Flink.

As soon as possible, you will also want to use Akka Data Pipelines components to capture and observe how your application is performing. This includes adding Lighbend Telemetry new tab to your build and installing Lightbend Console on your cluster. You will also need to set up Ingress to provide external access to your Cloudflow services and to Lightbend Console.

The following sections cover: