Instrumenting Applications

To enable monitoring of:

  • Applications built with Lightbend technology—Lightbend Telemetry, a commercial offering, will automatically set up metrics for you.

  • Other applications—Lightbend Console can monitor other applications that are available for Prometheus to scrape.

Lightbend Telemetry configuration

Lightbend Telemetry will automatically set up metrics for Akka, Lagom, and Play applications. You can use the Lightbend Telemetry documentation as a guide for your project. Specifically, for Lightbend Console, in the application’s application.conf file:

For example:

cinnamon.prometheus {
  exporters += http-server

  http-server {
    host = ""
    port = 9001

Other services

To enable Lightbend console to monitor applications not built on the Lightbend platform: