Set up Credentials

As part of Lightbend Platform, both Lightbend Telemetry and Lightbend Console require credentials. If you do not have them, follow these instructions to obtain your credentials.

Once obtained, store the user ID and password in a file $HOME/.lightbend/commercial.credentials:

realm = Cloudsmith API
host =
user = <userid>
password = <token>

Updating existing credentials for Lightbend Console

If you didn’t obtain your credentials recently, you might need to update them. Kubernetes will generate an error that it is unable to find the commercial repository after installation:

$ kubectl describe pod -n lightbend es-console
<snip> Repo 'commercial-registry' was not found

Reset your credentials to update them and gain access to the Lightbend Console:

  1. In a browser, open
  2. To the right of your password, click Show.
  3. Click Reset to get new credentials.
  4. Copy the new values to update the user and password entries in $HOME/.lightbend/commercial.credentials.

After this, you should be able to install Lightbend Console.