Supported Platforms

Lightbend Console installs as a Helm chart in a Kubernetes environment. The Console is tested and verified on the versions of platforms and components listed below (in alphabetic order).

Component Version Notes
GKE 1.9.7-gke.6+
Helm 2.10.0+, 3.1.1+ See the notes on setting up Helm if moving from Helm 2 to Helm 3
Kubectl 1.10.0+
Kubernetes 1.10.0 - 1.19
Lightbend Telemetry 2.12.0+ Formerly known as Cinnamon
Minikube 0.29.0+
Minishift OKD 1.20.0+1bd6d5cCDK 3.5.0-1+
OpenShift 3.6, 3.9.31+ Using the Console install script with OpenShift3.6
RedHat CDK 1.20.0+1bd6d5cCDK+, 3.5.0-1+ With Kubernetes 1.9.1+a0ce1bc657