Deploy the Instrumented App

Now that you’ve added Telemetry, you are ready to re-deploy.

Remove the uninstrumented app

Remove the first deployment:

kubectl delete deployment akka-cluster-example

Redeploy the application to minikube

Rebuild and redeploy the instrumented application:

eval $(minikube docker-env)
sbt docker:publishLocal
kubectl apply -f akka-cluster-example.yaml

Access Lightbend Console

Now, you should be able to see the four pod cluster in the Lightbend Console.

Console View of Tutorial Application

As a reminder, if you don’t have the console open, find the minikube IP:

minikube ip

Using the IP, view the Lightbend console at minikube-ip:30080. The default will be

Completed tutorial

Congratulations, you enabled Telemetry for an Akka application!

For your reference, the finished tutorial is available on the tutorial-done branch:

git clone
cd console-akka-cluster-example
git checkout tutorial-done

You can view the entire set of changes from the tutorial start point:

git diff origin/tutorial..origin/tutorial-done