If something in the tutorial example doesn’t work, you can investigate further with kubectl commands. For example:

  • kubectl get pods
  • kubectl logs <pod-name>
  • kubectl describe pod <pod-name>
  • kubectl get events
  • kubectl get deployments

If pods never go ready

Check the logs of the pod:

kubectl logs <pod-name>

If the pod is being killed before it has a chance to startup, it’s possible your machine is not powerful enough to run the tutorial. Try giving minikube more resources.

Restarting example application

To restart the akka application, delete all the pods. The k8s deployment will then start up new pods:

kubectl delete pod -l appName=akka-cluster-example

Removing example application

To remove the application completely, delete the deployment:

kubectl delete deployment akka-cluster-example

Removing the deployment is usually sufficient to start over.

Deleting the cluster

To teardown minikube completely:

minikube delete