Troubleshooting Monitor Errors

An alert from Lightbend_monitor_api_errors indicates that the console failed to process one or more monitors. This can occur, for example, when you upgrade the console and it cannot handle an existing monitor. This alert warns when the metric is greater than 0.

If this alert fires, try the following:

  • Review es-monitor-api container logs to find any erroneous monitors. The es-monitor-api container runs in the prometheus-server pod. Logs can be obtained from the Kubernetes dashboard.

  • Review the alerts created for each Workload. If the health graph is missing for any monitor, you should delete that monitor and recreate it.

  • It is possible that one or more default monitors provided with console are incompatible with current version. You can fix erroneous monitors by editing configmap es-monitor-api with the following command.

kubectl edit -n lightbend configmap es-monitor-api 
# restart prometheus-server pod 
  • If the problem still exists, contact Lightbend support for further help.