Lightbend Telemetry Dashboards

Lightbend Telemetry Grafana dashboards are a great way to get deep visibility into your reactive application. The Lightbend Console comes with these dashboards pre-installed for your convenience. With them, you can observe your application behavior both during development and production. With the combined capabilities of Lightbend Telemetry, the Lightbend Console, and Kubernetes, you will be able to easily observe and validate how your application behaves in failover and cluster partition scenarios.

About Lightbend Telemetry

Lightbend Telemetry provides an insightful view into applications built with Lightbend technologies and running in distributed environments. You enable Lightbend Telemetry with an additional library that is included unobtrusively with your reactive application. The Lightbend Console together with Lightbend Telemetry allows developers and operations to respond quickly to problems, track down unexpected behavior and even tune the system. As a result, you can deploy your applications to production with confidence.

Key Features

  • Visibility (and Dashboards) into Akka actors, clustering, streams, http, play, remoting, and more
  • Multiple options for external data integration including JMX, StatsD, Prometheus, DataDog, New Relic, and more
  • Custom metrics API to correlate your business and application metrics with system and cluster information
  • Much, much, more. See Lightbend Telemetry documentation for more information

Application Integration

Follow the information described in Application Configuration to set up your application project to enable Lightbend Telemetry metrics for Lightbend Console and Grafana.