Grafana Page

Grafana’s home page can display cluster, workload, or monitor graphs. The page opens in a new browser tab using the context from which it was opened:

  • View a cluster’s graphs by clicking on the Grafana icon from the Cluster page.
  • View a workload’s graphs by clicking on the Grafana icon from a Workload page.
  • View a monitor’s graphs by clicking on the Grafana icon from a Monitor page.

Grafana’s Home page for a cluster

Grafana Home

Click HOME to open a menu of available dashboards:

Dashboards List

Grafana dashboard opened from a workload

Workload Dashboard

For a workload, the Grafana dashboard includes three sections of graphs:

  • Metrics that are being monitored for the current workload.
  • Default metrics for each service type of the current workload.
  • Kubernetes and infrastructure metrics applicable to any workload type.

Monitored Metrics

The workload shown as an example contains a number of monitors each of which are based on a metric. The Monitored Metrics section has one graph for each metric.

Monitored Metrics

Service Type Metrics

The Service Type Metrics section contains a curated collection of graphs for each service type in the current workload. This example shows an Akka service type.

Service Type Metrics

Kubernetes Metrics

Metrics of general interest show up in this section.

Service Type Metrics