Console User Guide

The Lightbend Console provides visibility into services and applications running in a Kubernetes cluster from development through production. It reveals both the infrastructure and logical components by showing how containers, pods, and workloads are distributed across nodes within the cluster. The Console aggregates data over time so that you can monitor your system’s health and take remedial steps if necessary.

The Lightbend Console does not provide login functionality. The same Kubernetes mechanisms for access and permission that apply to the cluster also apply to the Console. See the Kubernetes documentation for more information.

The Console has built-in monitors for Lightbend Platform applications. For each workload, the available monitors take key bellwether metrics as input and produce a health model.

In addition, the Console includes:

  • Grafana dashboards, which show a curated set of key metrics based on the service type, as well as all metrics used by monitors.
  • Lightbend Telemetry Grafana dashboards for Akka, Lagom, and Play applications instrumented with Lightbend Telemetry.

The next section lists some key terms intended for those new to distributed deployment using Docker and Kubernetes. If you already have experience with these tools, skip ahead to the Console overview page.