Monitor Page

The Monitor page shows details of an individual monitor.

monitor page

Navigation elements on the Workload page enable you to:

  • Open a Grafana dashboard for this workload in a separate tab by clicking the Grafana icon in the Controls panel.
  • Open the Monitor page to view a particular monitor by clicking the monitor row.
  • Return to the Cluster page by clicking the Cluster link in the breadcrumbs in the upper left.

Page Components

Monitor page components

Monitor visualization

Monitors can be defined as monolithic entities or as a group of sub-monitors - depending on the group-by monitor parameter. This grouping construct allows very fine control of the monitor - and thus alerting - when problems occur. Group-by can be all (single monolithic monitor), a single metric label or ‘none’ (each unique collection of labels forms a group). Clicking a group health bar selects that group for monitor visualization. The title on each group is the set of metric labels unique to that group.

A visualization of the selected monitor, or sub-group of a monitor, displays at the bottom of the Monitors page. Not only is the variation of the metric presented in graph form here but also the derived time series that are fundamental to the monitor definition. These include: threshold levels (if any) or an intermediate time series such as

  • the moving average
  • standard deviations about that moving average (for a simple moving average monitor) or
  • the slope of the metric (for a growth rate monitor).

This allows you to inspect the monitor. You can freeze time to investigate a particular period of interest or enable ‘live’ mode to continuously update the monitor visualization with up-to-date metrics.

There are two relevant time periods for the monitor page: the context period and focus period. The context period is set by the VIEW control in the upper right (and is shared by all pages). This is the larger period in which the focus period lives. The focus period is a one hour subset within the context period.

Annotated Monitor page

Change the focus period by:

  • clicking the left/right arrows above the blue ‘lens’ - to increment by one hour, or
  • dragging the lens to precisely position it in time

Draggable focus crop

Hover over the LEGEND text in the graph upper left to display a transient legend for the graph. In addition to the identification of graph elements, the length scale of some elements in the legend is identical to that used in the graph itself. In this example the ‘AVERAGE WINDOW’ length scale is an accurate representation of the time window (period) used to calculate the monitor.

Graph Legend

SMA Legend

Growth Rate Legend

Growth Rate Legend

Monitor Health

The Monitor Health bar rolls up the health of the monitor and any sub-group according to the monitor’s current parameters.

Monitor health timeline