Getting the most out of Lightbend documentation

This guide contains introductory information for developers and administrators. Reference manuals and a variety of examples provide more detail about Lightbend technologies, such as Cloudflow, Cloudstate and Console, and tools such as Play, Akka, Lagom, and Telemetry. To help you find the most relevant content, the following sections describe the content available in this guide and offer alternative reading paths based on what you are trying to accomplish.

Summary of sections in this guide

Title Description

Introducing Lightbend Technologies

Describes the benefits of Lightbend technologies and the business use cases they support:

Before you start: design and planning

For those new to Reactive microservices, streaming, or Kubernetes-based platforms, this section contains fundamental information to help you get the most out of your efforts:

Getting started

Describes how to obtain a Lightbend subscription, supply your credentials and get started

Getting help

Explains how Lightbend Platform subscribers can take advantage of support and training and explains the difference between supported and certified components and platforms.

Suggested reading paths

The following tables provide links to documentation for common development and administration tasks.

  1. Developer reading path

    Task Resources

    Instrument applications to gain observability

    Develop microservices

    Capture and analyze your data in motion

    Integrate data from external and legacy systems

    Speed up a web app

  2. Administrator reading path

    Task Resources

    Understanding how a Kubernetes-based deployment platform complements Lightbend Platform

    Obtaining and supplying Lightbend Platform credentials

    Installing Kubernetes components required for Lightbend Platform