Building & Publishing


Lightbend Orchestration is no longer actively developed and will reach its End of Life on April 15, 2020.

We recommend Migrating to the Improved Kubernetes Deployment Experience.


Once you’ve setup your build, you’ll need to create Docker images and optionally publish them to a Docker Registry.


To build your application locally, you’ll need to run the following command from the sbt shell:

sbt> docker:publishLocal

Using Minikube? Be sure to run eval $(minikube docker-env) prior to launching sbt. This will ensure that the images are built inside your Minikube cluster without having to use a registry. docker images from within the same shell can help you inspect the images you’ve built. When you need your old environment, you can get it back with eval $(minikube docker-env -u).

Publishing to a Docker Registry

To publish your applications to a Docker Registry, you’ll need to configure your build and authenticate to the registry.

  1. For each project, set the dockerRepository sbt setting. For example:

    dockerRepository := ""
  2. Authenticate to that registry, for example:

    docker login
  3. Push your images to that registry:

    sbt> docker:publish

Need help making releases? We recommend using the excellent sbt-release which can guide you through the process of incrementing version numbers and publishing releases.