Lightbend Orchestration is no longer actively developed and will reach its End of Life on April 15, 2020.

We recommend Migrating to the Improved Kubernetes Deployment Experience.

We’ve prepared sample applications using Lightbend Orchestration to serve as a reference. Refer to the list below for more details.

Hello World

Hello-World is a bare-bones project that provides a Play service and a Lagom service. It shows how the two are connected using service discovery.


Chirper is a Twitter-clone built using the Lagom framework. Consult its README.md for information on how it can be deployed to Kubernetes and DC/OS.

Akka Cluster Tooling Example

Akka Cluster Tooling Example is a bare-bones Akka Cluster and HTTP application that illustrates the steps involved to take advantage of Lightbend Orchestration.

Online Auction

Online Auction is an implementation of an auction website using Lagom. It is comprised of 5 microservices and a front end. Third-party technology includes Kafka, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, and ZooKeeper (for Kafka). Be sure to consult its KUBERNETES.md file for steps on how you can deploy it to Kubernetes.