Application Health


Lightbend Orchestration is no longer actively developed and will reach its End of Life on April 15, 2020.

We recommend Migrating to the Improved Kubernetes Deployment Experience.

A status facility is provided by the tooling. When enabled, an additional route is added to the Akka Management HTTP server and the appropriate health and readiness checks are defined. By default, this route responds to requests to /platform-tooling/healthy and /platform-tooling/ready.


This feature is automatically enabled for applications that use Akka Cluster. It can be manually enabled with the following build configuration:

enableStatus := true


You can extend this facility by defining your own instances of com.lightbend.rp.status.HealthCheck and com.lightbend.rp.status.ReadinessCheck. The configuration below shows how you can define a health check that causes your application to become unhealthy after one hour has passed:

# In application.conf -- if adding a readiness check,
# add to the `readiness-checks` key instead. +=
// In your applications' source code. If defining a readiness check,
// extend `ReadinessCheck` with method `ready` instead

class MyAppHealthCheck extends com.lightbend.rp.status.HealthCheck {
  private val startTime =
  private val maxTime = startTime + (1000 * 60L * 60L)

  def healthy(actorSystem: ExtendedActorSystem)
             (implicit ec: ExecutionContext): Future[Boolean] =
    Future.successful(startTime < maxTime)

By default, a readiness check is provided for Akka Cluster applications that succeeds after the cluster has been formed.