Certified Java versions

Lightbend libraries and tools require a Java 8 virtual machine. AdoptOpenJDK 8 Hotspot builds and Red Hat Enterprise Linux builds of OpenJDK 8 are certified for use with the Lightbend Platform.

Compatibility with Java 11 is currently incubating. The level of compatibility varies between components, and there are some known issues. Use of Java 11 is not yet supported in production, but we encourage testing with Java 11 and reporting issues to help ensure a smooth upgrade path. Lightbend Platform subscribers can contact Lightbend Support to report issues or ask questions about known Java 11 compatibility issues for specific components. If you do not have a Lightbend Platform subscription, you can create GitHub issues for reproducible bugs or use the discussion forums to seek help from the open source communities.

Java 9 and 10 are not supported, as these versions have been superseded by Java 11.