Getting started with Lightbend Platform

Lightbend Platform tools offer Java and Scala APIs. The Platform includes Lightbend Console, which provides visibility into your running applications and specialized views for Lightbend Pipelines. Lightbend Console runs on Kubernetes-based platforms.

To make Lightbend Platform tools and components available in development and production environments:

  • For Lightbend Platform’s development tools and libraries, such as Akka, Lagom, Play, and Telemetry, you will need to set up a project and add the correct dependencies in your build structure. The easiest way to do this is to start with an example application or template.

  • To fully take advantage of Lightbend Platform, including support, you will also need to provide credentials for a Lightbend subscription—​both during development and in production.

  • Helm is a prerequisite for installing Lightbend Console and the tools Lightbend Platform provides to install components for streaming applications, such as Spark, Kafka, and Flink. Helm is a popular Kubernetes package manager that allows you to specify how to install services and applications along with their dependencies.

This section describes: