Prometheus developer sandbox

Cinnamon provides a Docker-based developer sandbox environment for Prometheus, similar to the developer sandbox for Elasticsearch. Prometheus and Grafana are included, with example Grafana dashboards for many of the Cinnamon metrics. The developer sandbox can be used for exploring Cinnamon or for using in development.

The developer sandbox utilizes Docker and Docker Compose, which need to be installed before running the developer sandbox containers.

Download Prometheus developer sandbox

First download Prometheus developer sandbox and unzip the developer sandbox scripts. You can do this in a terminal with:

curl -O

The unzipped directory contains a Docker Compose file, to download and run the Docker containers for the developer sandbox, and a Grafana plugin with dashboards for Cinnamon metrics.

Run your application with Prometheus

Run your application, configured with a Prometheus HTTP exporter.

Note: Prometheus is configured to scrape from the default HTTP exporter port. You can modify the Prometheus configuration in prometheus/prometheus.yml if needed.

Start Prometheus developer sandbox

To run the Prometheus Docker developer sandbox, first change into the unzipped directory at a terminal:

cd cinnamon-prometheus-docker-sandbox-2.10.3

Docker for Mac or Windows

If you’re using Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows, make sure that Docker is running and then start the developer sandbox using Docker Compose:

docker-compose up

Docker for Linux

Docker for Linux does not yet have the same cross-platform DNS name for accessing the host machine as Docker for Mac or Windows (see Docker for Linux issue). The developer sandbox includes a separate Docker Compose file for Linux. Make sure that Docker is running and then start the developer sandbox using Docker Compose and specifying the file to use:

docker-compose -f linux/docker-compose.yml up

Explore in Grafana

The developer sandbox version of Grafana is available at http://localhost:3000.

First log in to Grafana. The default user/password is admin/admin:

Then enable the Cinnamon Prometheus App, which is automatically installed. There’s a link on the Grafana homepage:

Enable the plugin using the default Prometheus location:

You can then view the dashboards, which will begin displaying data from your application:

Explore in Prometheus

The Prometheus server is available at http://localhost:9090.

The Prometheus expression browser can be used to explore the recorded metrics directly: