Lightbend Telemetry provides a complete sandbox environment that contains everything you need to explore your application. The purpose of the sandbox is to make it easy to get started and explore the capabilities of Lightbend Telemetry.

The sandbox is only meant for testing purposes and should not be used in production.

Note: Cinnamon Sandbox only supports Akka 2.5 or newer.

Sandbox components

The sandbox is based on Docker. The sandbox uses Elasticsearch as a time-series and events database, Logstash for log forwarding, Kibana for event querying, and Grafana for metric dashboards. The following sections contain information about how to configure, run, and explore the sandbox.

Sandbox dashboards

The sandbox environment ships with predefined Grafana dashboards:

The sandbox also includes the awesome Kibana search functionality, that will enable you to explore your application features and pinpoint issues: