OpsClarity, part of Lightbend Enterprise Suite, provides advanced monitoring capabilities specifically designed for distributed applications - including Reactive Microservices, streaming and Fast Data applications.

With out-of-the-box support for distributed tools and frameworks such as such as Akka, Cassandra, Flink, Kafka and Spark, OpsClarity lets users

  • automatically discover, configure and customize all relevant metrics,
  • visualize the health and topology of their distributed applications in real-time, and
  • use data science-driven anomaly detection to quickly and intelligently troubleshoot problems and issues, optimizing uptime and lowering Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR).

In addition to OpsClarity, Lightbend offers deep monitoring instrumentation for various Reactive technologies such as Akka, Play and Lagom. These instrumentation features are packaged as Telemetry. Lightbend subscribers can gain access to both OpsClarity and Telemetry as part of Lightbend Enterprise Suite.