Cassandra - DataStax Astra

To use DataStax Astra new tab (Cloud-Native Cassandra-as-a-Service) you place the connection credentials in a Secret new tab. The Secret must contain three entries:

The Secret can be created with for example:

kubectl create secret generic \
    shopping-cart-service-astra-secret \
    --from-literal=username=scott \
    --from-literal=password=tiger \

To enable the Astra integration you define the name of the secret in cassandraDataStaxAstra of the deployment descriptor:

kind: AkkaMicroservice
  name: shopping-cart-service
  image: <image>
    credentialsSecret: shopping-cart-service-astra-secret

The Akka Operator will automatically mount the secure connect bundle in the Pod and provide the configuration for the connection based on the Secret when the application starts the ActorSystem.