Akka Cloud Platform

The Akka Cloud Platform enables developers to quickly build and deploy cloud-native Microservices on their cloud service provider of choice. It provides frameworks and runtimes for building cloud-native applications that easily integrate with other services in your chosen ecosystem.

An Akka Cloud Platform subscription includes access to Lightbend Telemetry, Lightbend Academy, and basic support. Through the Akka Operator, the Akka Cloud Platform provides the following high level features:

  • Convenient deployment without the need to define detailed Kubernetes manifests

  • Integration with Akka Cluster Bootstrap

  • Integration with Akka Management health checks

  • Integration with Relational Databases

  • Integration with Cassandra

  • Integration with Kafka

  • Support for gRPC and HTTP services and internet-facing ingress

  • Insights into deployment status

The Akka Cloud Platform is currently available in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Getting Started with Cloud Deployment

Before you can get started with cloud deployment you should:

  1. Determine which platform you will be using (Google Cloud Platform, for example).

  2. Have an active account with your chosen platform.

  3. Subscribe to the Akka Cloud Platform with GCP or AWS.

  4. Set up your environment.

Once you have these in hand review the Cloud deployment page and then proceed to the section appropriate to your platform.