Lightbend monitoring supports visualizations in the form of dashboards which presents metrics and events data. At the time of this writing, our dashboard efforts are still a work in progress, but here is what we support so far:


Lightbend Monitoring provides five predefined dashboard templates that one can import into Grafana:

  • Actor metrics: different metrics for actors
  • Actor events: e.g. dead letters, unhandled messages
  • Spans: information about spans programmatically added
  • JVM information: heap and garbage collection information
  • Lagom circuit breakers: circuit breaker status and metrics

Following is an example dashboard for Actor and JVM information:

Actor Stats

JVM Stats


Grafana is ideal for visualizing metric data, but when it comes to time event based data, Elasticsearch with Kibana is the standard.

Following is an example dashboard for Kibana:

Kibana Explore