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Accelerate development

Does the majority of your effort contribute real value to your business or do you spend a lot of time dealing with low-level issues? When a new developer joins your team, does it take months for them to come up to speed and become productive? Do you spend significant time waiting for the compiler or for underlying services to spin up so that you can redeploy and test changes? Does embracing new productivity tools seem risky because your organization has a heavy investment in Java libraries and expertise?

How Lightbend can help

Lightbend tools and frameworks make it simple and natural to write distributed applications, allowing you to focus on what matters to your business. They promote a de-coupled architecture, which allows logical divisions of responsibility within a team and results in systems that are easier to reason on and to understand.

The Play web service framework and Lagom microservice framework both include a highly productive development environment that not only spins up the required underlying services but hot-reloads so that you can see the results of changes immediately. Play’s model, view, controller (MVC) architecture is familiar to enterprise developers. And, all Lightbend technology exposes both Java and Scala APIs–allowing you to leverage your team’s experience and re-use existing libraries.

Hard to believe? Read how:

  • Verizon found that using Lightbend technology made their developers 20-40% more productive than when they were using WebLogic (see summary slide ~30 minutes in).
  • iHeart radio onboards new developers much more quickly now that their services each consist of less than a 1000 lines of code and have become much easier to understand.
  • 47 Degrees estimates they are four times more productive than before.

See for yourself

Try a getting started example to experience how Lightbend technology can help you achieve true agility and increase productivity: