Lightbend Fast Data Platform

1.0.0 GA, October 30, 2017


Lightbend Fast Data Platform is an integrated suite of tools and services for building and running fast data (streaming) systems, either on-premise or hosted in the cloud. Fast Data Platform delivers value three ways:

  • An accelerated on-ramp for building streaming data systems: Configuration and installation tools to get you up and running quickly.
  • Expert guidance, so you pick the streaming components best suited for your project: Bundled sample applications, documentation, and access to Lightbend’s Developer Assist provide quick, expert answers to all your questions.
  • Intelligent monitoring and management: Assure cluster reliability at scale for peace of mind.


The 1.0.0 GA (general availability) release is our first production-ready release. It includes the following components:

Fast Data Platform requires Mesosphere DC/OS version 1.10.0. We picked DC/OS for its enterprise-class features combined with the modern, flexible resource management capabilities of Mesos. With DC/OS, you can install third-party components that supplement Fast Data Platform as required for your needs, including persistence stores like Cassandra and Elasticsearch. These components are available in the DC/OS Catalog (formerly known as the Universe).

Fast Data is a rapidly evolving ecosystem. To balance the desire to use the “latest and greatest” software, vs. the need for stability and reliability, Fast Data Platform currently includes “previews” of some components, which are considered “beta-quality” software and not intended for production use.

  • Flink support in DC/OS. The Fast Data Platform 1.0 GA for will offer “preview” support for Flink, but not production support.

Please provide feedback about these components, such as whether or not you intend to use them in production, as well as other components you would like to use, so we can plan accordingly to meet your needs!

About This Documentation

This documentation includes the following:

All the documentation for version 1.0.0 is distributed with Fast Data Platform and is also available at To see the documentation for the latest release, see

The 1.0.0 GA release provides installation and monitoring tools for Spark, Flink, Kafka, Lightbend Enterprise Suite, and HDFS on DC/OS. The monitoring tools include the cloud-based monitoring solution from OpsClarity, which gathers operational telemetry from your cluster and gives you a global, graphical view of your cluster and its health. This same telemetry will be used by, our planned cloud service that will offer machine-learning based automation of many cluster management functions, such as auto-scaling, auto-tuning, anomaly detection, and predictive maintenance. These features will emerge in releases of Fast Data Platform after the 1.0.0 GA.

Here is the past release schedules leading up to this release, and the tentative release schedule for planned future releases:

Release Version Date Highlights
V1.0.0 GA 1.0.0 October 30 General availability, production ready
V1.0.0 RC2 0.8.1 October 17 Bug fixes
V1.0.0 RC1 0.8.0 October 13 Feature complete
Beta 4 0.7.0 September 22 Fast Data Platform Manager preview, Improved UX for sample apps
Beta 3 0.6.0 August 18 Improved documentation, CLI tools, and sample apps
Beta 2 0.5.0 July 19 Management and robustness improvements
Beta 1.2 0.4.2 June 19 Docker-based installer. Bug fixes
Beta 1.1 0.4.1 May 30 Core features stable
Alpha 3 0.3.0 April 10 Improved support for Flink, HDFS. Enterprise Suite
Alpha 2 0.2.0 March 6 Early support for Flink, HDFS
Alpha 1 0.1.0 January 9 Support for Spark, Kafka on DC/OS with OpsClarity

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