package metric

Type Members

  1. trait Counter extends Metric

    Incrementing and decrementing Counter metric.

  2. trait DoubleValueProvider extends AnyRef

    Used by the ProvidingGaugeDouble

  3. trait GaugeDouble extends Metric

    Setting GaugeDouble metric.

  4. trait GaugeLong extends Metric

    Setting GaugeLong metric.

  5. trait LongValueProvider extends AnyRef

    Used by the ProvidingGaugeLong

  6. trait Metric extends AnyRef

    Metric common interface.

  7. trait MetricBackend extends AnyRef

    MetricBackend abstraction to create metrics for instrumented entities.

  8. trait MetricFactory extends AnyRef

    MetricFactory interface to create metrics for an instrumented entity.

  9. trait ProvidingGaugeDouble extends Metric

    Lazily ProvidingGaugeDouble metric.

  10. trait ProvidingGaugeLong extends Metric

    Lazily ProvidingGaugeLong metric.

  11. trait Rate extends Metric

    Rate metric for measuring the rate of events.

  12. trait Recorder extends Metric

    Recorder metric for measuring changing values (like durations).