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Efficient Resource Usage

Make full use of expensive resources

Do your systems take full advantage of your existing hardware or cloud environment? Are expensive resources under-used or even sitting idle? Does your infrastructure budget tie up money that could deliver more business value if it could be used for other projects?

How Lightbend can help

Applications built with Akka, Play or Lagom use server resources efficiently and scale easily across multiple nodes. Systems built with Lightbend technology run on commodity machines and do not require expensive enterprise hardware. They are extremely high performing and have a small memory footprint. All make it easy to build systems that make the best use of expensive computing resources and provide significant cost savings.

Hard to believe? See how:

  • Paypal attained a 90% CPU utilization rate.
  • Verizon found the Lightbend stack requires 1/8 of the infrastructure compared to their previous solution (see the summary slide ~30 minutes in).
  • Using Akka and Play, Walmart Canada was able to move roughly 40% of total compute cycles off of expensive dedicated hardware and onto Walmart’s internal virtual infrastructure running cheap commodity x86 servers. This will save Walmart 20% to 50% in web-related infrastructure costs over time.
  • Intel used Akka to achieve more with less. Using only four nodes, with 100 bytes per message, throughput reached 11 million messages per second with an average latency of 17ms.
  • By adopting Scala, Play, and Akka, Hootsuite reduced the number of servers by 80%, resulting in major savings on its AWS bill and lowering IT operation complexity. They were able to handle more requests per second and to scale with ease.
  • A developer at Icon Solutions compares Spring Framework performance with Akka on an everyday laptop.

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