Deploying with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

To install Akka Cloud Platform on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), you must have an Amazon account and a subscription to the Akka Cloud Platform new tab.

Key Information for Akka Cloud Platform on AWS

The links and info below provide rapid access to some of the more important information used to manage your Akka Cloud Platform.

  • Kubernetes Akka Platform Operator — Operator management is key. You can find a quickstart guide in the quick start. For AWS installation details see the installing and updating the Akka Operator sections on the Installation in Amazon EKS page.

  • TLS Certificates — TLS certificates are required for external access to applications managed by Akka Cloud Platform. You will find the pertinent information within the AWS LoadBalancer Controller page.

  • Support — Support for the Akka Cloud Platform requires registration. Details regarding support, and more, can be found on the AWS Marketplace.

  • License expiration and renewal — You may have purchased your license by subscribing to the Akka Cloud Platform product on the AWS Marketplace, or directly from Lightbend. In either case, the license expiration and renewal for the Akka Cloud Platform is handled as follows:

    • If the Akka Cloud Platform license expires without being renewed, your current application will continue to run, but you will no longer be able to deploy or update.

    • If you have acquired a term license directly from Lightbend, and it expires, your license will automatically revert into a pay-as-you-go license.

    • When you need to renew your license, please contact with your request.

Akka Workshop

The fifth video of the Akka Workshop Series new tab walks you through the process of running in Kubernetes on AWS. It will take you step-by-step to aid you in understanding the process.

Pre-requisite Skills

A familiarity with the following services and skillsets is recommended before installation.

When using the Quick Start guide then you will also need familiarity with the following.

  • Pulumi new tab cloud engineering (provisioning) tool.

  • git new tab command line tool.

  • npm new tab command line tool.