IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ from JetBrains is one of the leading IDEs in the Java/Scala community and it has excellent support for Akka. This section will guide you through setting up, testing and running the sample project.

Setting up the project

Setting up the project is simple. Open IntelliJ and select File -> Open... and point to the directory where you have installed the sample project.

Inspecting project code

If we open up the file src/main/java/$package$/ we will see a lot of lines beginning with //# .... These lines are used as directives for this documentation. To get rid of these lines from the source code we can utilize the awesome Find/Replace functionality in IntelliJ. Select Edit -> Find -> Replace in Path.... Check the Regex box and add the following regex [//#].* and click on Replace in Find Window.... Select to replace all occurrences and voila the lines are gone! Repeat for all files you want to remove the comments from.

Testing and running

For testing we simply right click on the file src/test/java/$package$/ and select Run 'HelloAkkaTest'.

Similarly to run the application we right click on the file src/main/java/$package$/ and select Run 'HelloAkka.main()'

For more detailed information about please see the running the application section.