Lightbend support terminology

Lightbend supported and certified component versions are available on the following pages:

  • For the latest versions of platforms, tools, and components supported and certified by Lightbend, see the Lightbend subscription new tab page.

  • For a list of the latest dependencies for Lightbend Platform libraries, see library build dependencies

  • For a full list of the versions supported with a Lightbend subscription, log into the customer portal and see the Supported Projects new tab page.

Lightbend uses the following terminology to designate the level of commercial support provided for products or specific components of products that are included in a Lightbend Platform subscription.

  • Supported

    Applies to any product for which Lightbend will provide fixes and patches to subscribers on request. Examples of Supported products include: Scala, Akka, Akka HTTP, Akka Streams, and Alpakka Kafka Connector.

  • Certified

    Other products that work with Lightbend products and are production ready, but are not supported by Lightbend. We will not provide fixes or patches. Lightbend Support will assist subscribers using a Certified product via Developer Assist. We do our best to document the recommended and known-to-work configurations, approaches, and architectures when using Lightbend Supported products with Certified products.

    In specific cases we may choose to refer to these products as Certified Integrations — products we integrate with — or Certified Platforms — foundational products that we require to run (such as a Java VM). Certification applies to a specific usage and not all usages. For example, Apache Cassandra will be Certified to work with Akka Persistence Cassandra. Lightbend assistance for Cassandra is limited to customers' use of Cassandra with the specific Lightbend product usage only, not for any other use case.

  • Incubating

    A component or integration that is not fully tested and may have limited functionality. These components are not recommended for production use. Although the component may be Supported or Certified in future releases, Lightbend cannot guarantee when or if that will happen.

  • End of Life (EOL)

    Lightbend commits to providing 1 year advance notice before ending support for any Supported component, so an EOL announcement will include the date on which a product is EOL. A product remains Supported until the EOL date. Once the EOL date passes, Lightbend will no longer support the product.

  • Community Driven

    Applies to projects or components which are part of Lightbend’s OSS repositories, but are not actively Supported or Certified by Lightbend. These are often projects that are specific to a subset of the community and are driven by community members. This may include projects that were idea spikes that were not interesting enough to pursue, or projects that used to be driven by Lightbend, but are no longer. Examples include many Alpakka connectors, sbt plugins, or example code projects.