Starting a project

If you are new to Lightbend tools, we recommend starting with a Hello World or simple example application. Example applications provide the structure and build configuration that you can apply to your own applications and they teach important basic concepts. As you develop your project, you might want to add other Lightbend libraries, such as Telemetry. To do that you simply need to add the correct dependencies to your existing build.

The following table lists Lightbend technologies alphabetically and includes links to the resources and examples that are best suited for beginners.

Tool Resource Example Description

Akka Platform Guide

Includes a tutorial for building Reactive Microservices, an overview of Reactive, and how-tos for deploying on Kubernetes.

Akka Actors

Quickstart guide for Scala or Java

Hello World

A simple example that introduces Akka basics such as Actors and messages.

Akka Data Pipelines

Describes how to create a simple streaming application using Scala and Akka Streams.


Self-contained examples


Examples showing how to integrate with Elasticsearch, FTP, JMS, MQTT, AWS S3, Kafka and more.

Akka Serverless

Describes how to get started and run a simple sample application.

Lightbend Telemetry for Akka

Getting started for sbt or Maven

Hello Akka

Shows how to configure the example to add Telemetry.

More resources

  • Library build dependencies lists the latest build dependencies for Lightbend technologies.

  • Certified Java versions lists the versions of Java that Lightbend certifies and provides a matrix of component readiness for Java 11.

  • The Library menu on the top right side of this page provides links to the detailed reference documentation for all Lightbend technologies.