Organizing pages

The first header in a markdown page will become the title of this page, even if it’s a smaller header than the others.

You can organize the page tree by including an @@@ index container inside of a page to declare which pages are child pages of this page.

@@@index container

@@@index is used to list child pages or sections from a page. For example, your main could contain something like this:

@@@ index

* [Setup](setup/
* [Usage](usage/


Inside setup/ can list its own child pages as follows:

@@@ index

* [sbt](
* [Maven](
* [Gradle](


Paradox will walk through these indices and create a hierarchical navigation sidebar:


Similar to @ref, the source document on Github will link correctly the other sources.

@@toc block

The “generic” theme already renders a hierarchical navigation sidebar, but let’s say you would like to render a more detailed table of contents for a section overview page.

The @@toc block is used to include a table of content with arbitrary depth.

@@toc { depth=2 }

This will render the page names (first header), and the second headers.


The source code for this page can be found here.