Paradox is a Markdown documentation tool for sbt projects. It takes a directory tree of markdown files and generates a static documentation site.

It has several features that help to structure and build documentation sites easily.

  • Supports GitHub flavored Markdown
  • Pages can be organized structured hierarchically. A sidebar with an index or an in-page table of contents can be generated.
  • Directives provide additional features over Markdown and allow custom extensions in a principled way
  • Variable substitution allows configuring values from your sbt project to be used in the documentation
  • Groups allow to create variants of the documentation where parts of pages are only shown when a group is selected e.g. for switching between Scala and Java versions of documentation, snippets, etc.
  • Various customization options allow tailoring Paradox’ output to your needs. For example, Themes allow customizing the appearance of Paradox-generated documentation. Custom directives and themes can be packaged and published as separate sbt plugin extensions.
  • Validation allows further validation of documentation not available at compile time.

Project info

Project Info: Paradox
JDK versions
Oracle JDK 8
Open JDK 11
Scala versions2.12.19, 2.13.14
Readiness level
Since 0.1.0, 2015-08-03
Note: Paradox is used by Lightbend to create documentation sites. Use at your own convenience.
Home pagehttps://developer.lightbend.com/docs/paradox/current/
Release notesGithub releases
IssuesGithub issues

License and credits

  • Copyright 2015-2019 Lightbend, Inc. Paradox is provided under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • Paradox is NOT supported under the Lightbend subscription.
  • The markdown engine is based on Mathias’s Pegdown.
The source code for this page can be found here.