Variable Substitution

Often it is necessary to transport values from the build into the documentation, like the current version of the project. This can be done with properties. Properties can be defined with sbt settings and can then be accessed in documentation Markdown files.

Defining Properties

With Sbt Settings

To define properties add a key / value tuple to the paradoxProperties setting. For example, to make the Scala version of the build available to the documentation you can use this (in fact, this property is already predefined):

paradoxProperties += ("scala.version" -> scalaVersion.value)

With Front-Matter

You can set or override property values with “front-matter” on pages. At the beginning of a Markdown file, add a block

key: This is my key value

to change a property value just for this page.

Referencing Properties From Markdown

In Markdown you can either directly reference properties using dollar notation $property$.

For example, this snippet:

The scala version is "$scala.version$".

renders as:

The scala version is “2.12.19”.

Alternatively, you can also use the @var or @@@vars directives to insert property values depending on the context.

Predefined Properties

  • Name of the project
  • project.version: Project version
  • project.version.short: Project version with -SNAPSHOT replaced by *
  • project.description: Project description
  • project.license: Project license
  • scala.version: Project Scala Version
  • scala.binary.version: Project Scala binary compatible version (e.g. “2.12”)
  • date: Generation date in the form MMM DD, YYYY
  • Generation day of the month
  • date.month: Generation month
  • date.year: Generation year

Special Properties

Some properties have special meaning for the generation engine. See the Templating section for more information.

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