Migration guide

This is a guide for migrating from Lightbend Telemetry 2.12 to Lightbend Telemetry 2.13.

Cinnamon automatically added resolver

Starting from Cinnamon 2.13 the commerical dependency resolver (necessary to download the cinnamon dependencies) needs to be added into build.sbt manually. See the documentation for the details.

The Cinnamon sbt plugin will show a warning if the resolver is missing in the build. If you use a proxy repository this warning can be muted as shown below:

cinnamonMuteMissingRepoWarning := true

sbt-cinnamon published publicly

The sbt-cinnamon plugin is now published to the public sbt plugins repository, which sbt automatically adds to the resolvers. The Lightbend commercial releases repository and credentials are no longer needed at the sbt plugins level. These should be added to the build, for projects that are Cinnamon-enabled. See the documentation for the new approach to using sbt-cinnamon.

Play WS client metrics

The Play WS client metrics were inadvertently reporting by URI path as the default service identifier, which can be very high cardinality. This has been corrected to use the URI authority (host:port) by default, as originally intended.

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